How it works

The doctor writes and shares a visit note with the patient.

The patient can read the visit note and re-share a comment, notified to the doctor.

This is only the beginning of a much easier, safer and more authentic digital collaboration.

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Silvia, medical doctor at the Haematology ward of Ospedali Riuniti hospital in Ancona, Italy, participating in a meeting between us and the medical team of the ward:”During my shift, I receive from 8 to 10 telephone calls per hour from patients. I’ve done my little research: on average a call lasts 3 minute, therefore I spend half of my working time on the phone. It drives me crazy. However, 8 out of 10 conversations I have with them are absolutely pertinent, as these folks have recently been discharged and they really need us. I’d love to help them, I just need a tool supporting me in this activity. I think it will be worth piloting the solution offered by Collabobeat, because you can’t work safely anymore in such conditions”.

Fabio, chatting on Facebook with our founder Floriano:"I believe Collabobeat is a great idea. I have multiple sclerosis and in Turin, where I live, there is one the most advanced wards for the treatment of this disease. However, the challenges that I face in communicating with them are rather big. Patients do not have direct contacts of the neurologists and the call center of the hospital struggles to get to them. And when you use the emails, answers arrive after several days. Sometimes, the only solution to have a conversation with them is going there in person, but that is not an option for many. Great idea! Keep up the good work!"

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